7 Unforgettable Teacher Gift Ideas for 2018

Make 2018 the year you gift your teacher something truly memorable. Check out our 2018 Teacher's Gift Guide!
Joseph Havey

December is fast-approaching, and with it, schoolchildren across the country will soon be faced with the question of “What should I get my teacher for the Holidays?” An apple is good, right? Please; that’s sooo ten years ago … eh, make that 100 years ago. A coffee mug? Safe option, but do you really think your teacher would appreciate yet another “World’s Best” piece of miscellanea? Make 2018 the year you change things up and get something truly memorable by relying on one of the options below. Each tool is specifically designed to improve classroom interactivity, so as a student you’ll reap a handful of benefits too.

#1 Bloxels EDU

Used by nearly 50,000 educators, Bloxels EDU will allow your teacher to blend offline and online education into one. This product lets students use colored blocks to create a physical character before turning it into a digital version, which can be transformed inside the Bloxels EDU app through storytelling and design, all under the guide of the teacher. | Starting from $49.95

#2 Rocketbook

When given the option, most people still prefer jotting down thoughts on paper, but this generates a lot of waste. With Rocketbook, you can give your teacher the option of using one notebook over and over due to its reusable pages and option to easily store the content online before wiping the pages clean. Small, portable and with the authentic feel of pen and paper, it’s the best of both worlds. | Starting from $55.00



#3 Osmo

Any educator will admit that worksheets are not very exciting to students (or even teachers, if we’re being honest). Osmo gives teachers the option to make things interesting by gamifying education and allowing students to have fun and earn points while learning about vocabulary, math and design. | Starting from $80.00



Committed to using technology to improve education, IPEVO offers a suite of products compatible with an iPhone or iPad. Your teacher can use their portable document scanner to project real-time images onto a TV or other screen, or teach a lesson more efficiently with the interactive white board. | Starting at $79.00


#5 Fuzeplay

Every teacher today understands the growing importance of STEM in education, but many struggle to make coding and engineering relatable to young students, especially girls. With Fuzeplay’s hackable Frisbee and other products, your teacher will not only help students learn about important STEM concepts, but also put them into action directly. | Starting at $129.00


#6 Merge VR

Offering “toys of the future,” Merge VR specializes in virtual reality. By getting your teacher the marshmallow-soft foam googles, you’ll help make learning more fun through the more than 100 engaging VR apps offered by the company. Battery-free and water- and shock-resistant, they’ll withstand the wear and tear of any classroom. | Starting from $29.99


#7 Qball

We would be completely remiss to not mention Qball as an option, given it’s our favorite product of all! Relying on sound enhancement technology to improve student comprehension and information retention, Qball is used by more than 150,000 students and will provide your teacher a break from the need to raise his or her voice to unhealthy levels all day long. No longer will anyone – teacher or student – have to worry about not being heard. | Starting from $179.00


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