6 Team Meeting Topics Worth Exploring


team meeting topicsProfessionals who are charged with leading team meetings for weeks or months at a time will, inevitably, run out of things to say. When you’ve gone as far as you can with your current meeting setup, it’s naturally a wise decision to try and switch things up. To that end, progressive business leaders can use any of these six team meeting topics to spark conversation and inspire their staff. Check them out here:

Monthly/Quarterly Reflection

Most professionals and businesses set annual goals for the year ahead. Yet, few individuals revisit those goals during their regular workweek. In order to keep your team focused on what’s most important, consider forming a monthly or quarterly progress check. Don’t think of these meetings as “performance reviews,” but rather as more informal reflections on how your team is currently managing their long-term projects.

All Positive Vibes

How often do you and your staff sit down to congratulate each other on successful ventures? Do you share personal triumphs? Is it normal for employees to express their gratitude for each others’ efforts? Business leaders who want to create a healthy atmosphere have to prioritize positivity around the workplace. And one great way to do that is to dedicate the occasional meeting entirely to good news. Of course, standing up and tossing the Qball around is perfect for such a scenario! Not only is this a fun way to shake things up, but it’s a sure-fire way to get your team talking.

Addressing Changes

Employees get irritated when they feel they don’t have a say in a company’s direction. As such, implementing changes without input from your staff first is dangerous policy. Should you find yourself on the cusp of making a big decision, make sure to plan a meeting to let your team members know what to expect. Also, depending on the situation, you may also want to request feedback from your staff as well.


The best meetings should produce innovative solutions to common business problems. Unsurprisingly, centering a meeting solely around education will likely yield positive results. Invite your employees to share what they learned in the past month, week, (etc.) and encourage your team to look for creative ways to tackle problems.

The Future

Few people have an answer to the question, “where will you be in five years?” in part because professionals spend so little time actually thinking about the “big picture.” Likewise, it’s healthy for business leaders to ask their team how they’d like the company to grow, expand, and change over a long period of time.

High-Priority Items

While it’s important for meeting leaders to keep things fresh with engaging staff meeting ideas, at the end of the day high-priority items should get top billing. Never forget that the purpose of a team meeting is to talk out problems and come up with actionable methods to improve how you conduct business.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the key to holding more productive meetings is to not schedule one at all for a while. Indeed, it’s better to cancel a meeting if you don’t have a purpose behind it, than to meander aimlessly through it for an hour. When you do return to your regular meeting schedule, keep in mind that the Qball is the ultimate tool for increasing employee engagement and participation. This fun, throwable microphone works incredibly well in corporate settings and is extremely versatile. See why Fortune 500 companies like Google and Verizon already love the Qball and buy yours today!

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