5 Creative Ideas for Staff Meetings


creative ideas for staff meetingsThere’s nothing worse than wasting your team members’ time with unproductive meetings. Ineffective meetings are mentally and emotionally draining, costly, and cancerous to a company’s culture. As such, managers need to find ways to engage their employees and hold conversations that actually help rather than hinder performance. To that end, here are five creative ideas for staff meetings that will boost morale and productivity:

Change the Venue

Sometimes the best way to start thinking outside the box is to literally get outside of your own box (so to speak). Changing the location of your regular meeting to a nearby restaurant, park, or coffee shop is an easy way to shake things up and encourage innovation. It’s only natural for people to become accustomed to their surroundings and to fall into predictable patterns - if you let them. So schedule your next meeting for a new locale and see how your team responds.

Stand Up

Looking for a way to shorten your meeting times while also keeping your staff engaged? Consider asking your team to stand up during office gatherings. People sit at their desk all day, and any opportunity they can take to stand up and get the blood flowing is usually worth exploring. What’s more, standing up will help set a “natural timer,” for your meetings. In other words, when everyone starts to get tired or bored from standing around –– take it as a sign to wrap it up for the day.

Integrate New Voices

A meeting is not an opportunity to practice a monologue. Instead of letting one or two people dominate the terms, tone, and conversation during an office get-together, you should look for ways to include all of your employees. Designate times for everyone to speak, or think about letting a different team member run a meeting from time to time. The most productive offices give all of their employees a voice –– consider a throwable ball mic to increase engagement.

Go Small

Sometimes business owners need to address a company-wide issue or implement major strategy changes with everyone in their operation. More often than not, though, smaller discussions yield more efficient results. Don’t feel compelled to invite every single person in your department to a meeting when you really only need to speak to a handful of them.

Make Resolutions

Never forget that professionals should collaborate to solve problems. Effective leaders find solutions to issues and create tangible game plans for their team members to follow. Many meetings in the corporate world, though, end without any clear resolution. Don’t let that happen at your office. If you’ve struggled to keep track of everything brought up during a meeting, try taking notes or recording the minutes to review what you may have missed.  

Final Thoughts

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