4 Team Meeting Ideas that Will Energize Your Staff


team meeting ideasIn business, as in life, communication is key. Business owners should seek to foster a collaborative culture where all team members feel empowered to speak their minds and share ideas. It’s important never to underestimate the value of employee morale and engagement. As such, holding effective team meetings can help your staff operate more efficiently and with a greater sense of purpose. On the other hand, unnecessary meetings or collaborations that fail to address problems can have the opposite effect. With that in mind, here are four team meeting ideas for managers looking to inspire their crew:

Start with a Celebration

Meetings can sometimes take on a dour connotation around the office. After all, most of the time meetings are designed to address a concern or tackle an issue –– in other words, negative topics. In order to prevent your get-togethers from developing a depressing atmosphere, consider leading off with some good news every time you meet with your team. Share a success story yourself or better yet, allow one of your employees to relay good news to the rest of the group. It’s just as important to celebrate your team’s victories as it is to focus on solving new problems when you gather together.

Relinquish Some Power

Most of the time, managers dictate the terms, tone, and length of a meeting. And while managers and business owners should always try to keep their team focused, there’s also plenty of merit in encouraging others to speak up. Offer team members the chance to create their own agendas from time to time, and allow your employees to use meetings as a platform to express themselves. (One great way to ensure everyone has a voice at your next meeting is to toss the Qball around!)

Integrate Video

Can you count the number of powerpoint presentations you’ve sat through in your life? Of course you can’t, because everyone uses them. Sometimes the best way to get a message across is to utilize a new medium, and short videos are often a perfect complement to a productive meeting.


Holding large meetings constantly will eventually lead to diminishing returns. At some point, people will grow tired of constantly taking time out of their day to address the same problems again and again. Savvy business owners know when to give their team a break and dial back the meeting agenda. And remember, if you only need to speak with four or five people –– invite them and spare everyone else. There’s no need to hold a company-wide reckoning if a certain issue is localized to one department.

The Bottom Line

The more involved your employees are, the more they’ll care about their work. All business owners should work to improve the mood in the camp, and holding better meetings is one of the fastest ways to do so. Fortunately, the Qball can help your team get on the same page and have fun at the same time. Qball is a fun –– and throwable –– microphone that’s perfect for all types of corporate settings. From daily meetings to large conferences, Fortune 500 companies like Google and Verizon are already using the Qball in their offices. Experience the hype for yourself and buy a Qball for your business today!

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