4 Interactive Meeting Ideas to Improve Engagement


interactive meeting ideasBlank stares and silence are two things no one wants to encounter during an important meeting. Unfortunately, many business leaders have faced this unwelcoming prospect before and know just how difficult it can be to encourage their team members to participate more during company meetings. However, it’s crucial that you look for ways to improve your meetings rather than accept a downward trend. If you’re ready to try something new to energize your staff, consider integrating any one of these four interactive meeting ideas during your next session:

Get the Blood Pumping

Research shows that regular physical activity will contribute to increased mental stimulation as well. As such, anything you can do to get your team members up and moving will likely improve the quality of your meetings. Consider taking “walking meetings,” removing chairs during get-togethers, or tossing the Qball around! All of these activities are great ways to change things up and keep meetings fresh for your team.

Give Everyone a Chance

Ideally, every person at a meeting should have something to contribute. Sometimes one or two people will dominate a meeting and less outgoing team members will pass up the chance to share something important. Don’t let this happen at your office. Instead, make sure everyone gets a chance to speak up, and set guidelines to ensure that statute is upheld.

Teach a Lesson

If you want your staff to engage with you during meetings, you have to ensure that the content of your conversation is useful and pertinent. Covering the same ground week after week will inevitably bore team members. On the other hand, sharing new, vital information on how they can perform their jobs better (or that will make their lives easier!) will likely capture their attention. Alternatively, letting one of your employees take charge of a meeting to share something useful they learned is another fantastic way to spark dialogue.

Prioritize Company Culture

The best way to ensure your team members will actively participate in meetings is to create a company culture that allows them to feel at ease and speak their minds. Of course you can’t develop a healthy office culture in one day; rather, it might take weeks or months of effort to change the atmosphere in your workplace. However, when employees begin to express themselves in constructive ways, businesses will benefit massively from their ideas.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, business leaders need to be willing to take a step back in order to give their team members a chance to hold court and engage with meetings in a more meaningful way. The good news is, the Qball is the perfect tool to get your team members off their feet and involved in meetings like never before. Qball is a fun, interactive, throwable microphone that Fortune 500 companies like Google and Verizon already use in their offices. Qball is perfect for corporate environments. But don’t just take our word for it –– buy a Qball for your team here!

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