3 Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom


BENEFITS OF USING TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOMProgressive teachers are always looking for new ways to motivate and educate their students. The good news is, there’s never been more technological updates available to explore and to introduce into the classroom than right now. Indeed, regardless of your class size or the subject matter you’re covering, the right tech tools can help your students connect to the material in meaningful ways. In brief, proper tech implementation assists both educators and students alike. To that end, today we’ll cover three significant benefits of using technology in the classroom:

Increased Engagement

It’s no surprise that when students find an activity stimulating or exciting, they’ll pay greater attention and feel more engaged. As such, apps, games, tech tools and programs are perfect solutions for teachers looking for new ways to reach their class. What’s more, many elementary students arrive at school with a basic tech literacy and are already comfortable using tablets, smart-boards, and computer programs. In fact, young people use tech devices so often, it’s practically wasteful to ignore the educational possibilities they present. There’s nothing wrong with catering to your students’ natural inclination to use technology like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Rather, these devices can and should act as productive supplements to your existing lesson models.

Development of Life Skills

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future. Fortunately, the skills students learn mastering technology in the classroom will quite often translate into real-world applications. Modern businesses value employees who have advanced technological capabilities –– and many times individuals develop an affinity for tech at a young age. By nurturing that interest, teachers will not only help their students gain knowledge in the short term, but also set them up for sustained success in the future.


Lessons integrated with new technology allow both students and teachers to customize the learning experience to suit their needs. Obviously, students can tackle online assignments at their own pace –– and review old concepts with the click of a button. (This is a major advantage for ELL or ESL students as well.) In addition, teachers can use tech upgrades in the classroom to foster collaboration. Games and activities that center around new tech –– like tossing the Qball around, for instance –– capture students’ attention and help kids build connections with each other at the same time. Lastly, because technology is so diverse and adaptable, teachers can utilize a wide array of educational content –– from videos, articles, apps, tools, graphics, games, podcasts, etc. –– whenever they see fit. This ensures that students have the ability to engage with learning material in the best manner possible.

The Bottom Line

While there’s nothing wrong with an old-school approach, new technology is something that all teachers should embrace in their classrooms. Not only will your students appreciate the opportunity to explore tech possibilities, but tech upgrades will also make your job easier. Tech advancements like the Qball are designed to facilitate lessons and delight students. So don’t wait another minute –– get your Qball today!

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